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If you are looking to get your hands on something a little bit different, something to make you feel a little bit special when you go to that Halloween or fancy dress party this year then you have definitely come to the right place. One of the most popular costumes this year is going to be the princess style costume so why not go all the way and dress yourself or your child as an enchanting Disney princess from the hugely popular story of Aladdin and the Genie of the lamp.

When it comes to choosing your Aladdin Jasmine costume there are a few options and accessories you can choose from, the following costumes are out most popular picks which are set to help you stand out from the crowd and look truly magical.

adult-aladdin-jasmine-costumeAdult Aladdin Princess Jasmine Costume

This enchanting jasmine princess costumes is one of the most beautiful you will find, it’s magical, mystical and simply gorgeous! This adult costume is an official Disney licensed product and so you can always expect top quality when it comes to their products. Jasmine was by far the prettiest Disney princess ever to be seen on public screens and this costume is of no exception when it comes to beauty and if you choose to Donne this outfit you will be sure to get the attention of your prince this Halloween.

This quality adult costume comes with everything you will need to be enchanting this year and it’s available in all popular sizes including small (4-6), medium (8-10) and large (12-14).

The costume is split into two main parts, firstly, the top half includes a beautiful off-the-shoulder turquoise blue/green top which boasts a quality looking gold beaded outer trim and see-through white silk style sleeves. The bottom half includes matching turquoise blue/green princess pants which are elasticated and enclosed at the ankles, there is a sheer overlay which is attached to the pants by the jewelled belt which runs around the waste of the pants. Finally the outfit is finished off with a be-jewelled tiara which matches the color and feel of the entire outfit, truly finishing off the enchanted princess effect.

This particular costume does not include the gold shoes seen in the picture so you will need to provide your own, but most heel shoes will go with this particular outfit so you probably won’t need to spend any more.

Child’s Aladdin Jasmine Costumechilds-aladdin-jasmine-costume

Your child can look truly mystical and as pretty as a picture at this years fancy dress party and her friends will be jealous when they see how lovely this particular child’s Halloween princess Jasmine costume is.

Her imagination will be running wild this Halloween when you show her this fantastic costume you’ve bought for her and she won’t be able to wait to go out and show all of her friends how pretty she looks.

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This costume is an affordable but quality look for your child this Halloween and is sure to turn a few of the other parents heads. It’s available in all toddler and child sizes including 3T-4T, small (4-6X) and medium (7-8). There are three parts to this costume, the same as the adult costume. The headpiece is an enchanting lavender tiara/crown with golden trim and a large purple charm mounted in it’s center. The top is tastefully cut and fitted from a lavender light material which has a yellow top frill just below the neck, sheer lace sleeves and golden trim. The costume pants match the top and tiara beautifully, tapered at the ankle and baggy around the knees, they have a smart yellow belt running all around the pants and a see through, glitter overlay which attaches directly to the pants.

This deluxe child princess costume will give that adorable enchanting Arabian look this Halloween and is a must have for any parent.

infant-aladdin-jasmine-costumeInfant Toddler Aladdin Jasmine Costume

Your toddler can look like an adorable little princess when you attend a Halloween fancy dress part or go trick-or-treating this Halloween, in this beautifully made infant Aladdin Jasmine costume. If your toddler is around 12-18 months of age, this costume will be absolutely perfect for them.

This adorable princess costume comes in sizes 12-18 months and will usually be shipped to you the same day if you place your order before 4pm (CDT).

This costume is purple in color and comes in two parts, the pant suit and the cameo. The purple top part of the pants suit show sparkle print character pattern which has a small button sized photo of Princess Jasmine herself. The attached cameo has a gold trim belt built into the pants suit which sits just above where the cameo attaches.

With this officially licensed Disney product you can expect nothing but the very, very best! Order yours today and put a smile on your little princesses face. Maybe even add an Aladdin Jasmine Princess wand to the outfit and make her even happier.

The History Of Princess Jasmine

Aladdin was a Disney movie released back in 1992 and was the 31st film that they actually did and turned out to be one of their most popular and well know films. The original movie was followed by two sequels, Aladdin Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Princess Jasmine was seen in all of the three major Aladdin films as well as being seen in the animated Aladdin series and the Disney Princess Enchanted tales.

Princess Jasmine was the functional daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah, a functional city in which the main original movie was centered around. The originally Princess Jasmine was played by Lea Salonga but then replaced by Liz Callaway in the next two films.

In first of the three movies, Jasmine was just 15 years of age and being forced into marry a husband on her 16th birthday, being headstrong and having her own mind she doesn’t want to marry a snobby prince. This leads Princess jasmine to run away from home, she has never been outside of the palace walls and so soon finds herself in trouble and at the hands of a street merchant who catches her giving a street boy an apple without paying for it. Before the merchant can chop off her hands, the street urchin, Aladdin rescues her and takes her away from danger.

But it isn’t before long that Jafar kidnaps Jasmine and takes control of the Genie lamp, wreaking havok across the entire country. Jafar makes a wish to the Genie saying that he would like to become the all powerful Genie of the lamp and reluctantly the Geneie grants this wish. But before Jafar can have a second thought, he is encased within the lamp for eternity as any Genie would be. The lamp is cast into the sands of the dessert. The Genie, now free, returns to Aladdin and releases him from his chains, Aladdin the keeps his initial promise and releases the Genie from the lamp forever, he is very very happy.

Aladdin and Jasmine end up getting married and live happily ever after.