Aladdin Jasmine Princess Wand

aladdin-jasmine-wandThe magical Aladdin Jasmine Princess wouldn’t be so magical if she didn’t carry her wand with her now would she! So if you are getting yourself or your little girl an Aladdin Jasmine costume this Halloween, why not spend a few extra bucks buying them this great Aladdin Jasmine Wand accessory.

This magical wand can make anything happen this Halloween, it can even make that dastardly Jafa vanish into thin air, and you never know it may even bring you your prince charming this year.

This Aladdin Jasmine Princess wand is gold in color and a few inches in length, it includes purple ribbons with colorful stitching around the outside. The wand also has a large character cameo on the top of it with the beautiful Princess Jasmine character within it and surrounded by lovely purple, blue and pink beads.You’ll be able to pick it up and make magic happen with the flick of a wrist.

The wand is made from quality moulded plastic and can be shipped to you the same day if you order before a certain time, so if you’re in a rush there is no need to worry.

This beautifully made and presented wand will be the perfect addition and finishing touch to any Aladdin Jasmine costume this Halloween party season. View more details now.

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